Learn About Different Types of Sales Funnels

Sales Funnel Offers

Below are examples of other Sales Funnel Offers. Click the View Video for each type to learn about it.

sales funnel layout and steps

Optin Funnel with Upsell Offer

A person must give their email to get the Free eBook and Free Mini Course. They are then asked to purchase the full course at a one-time discount.

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eBook with Upsell Offer

This is known as a Tripwire Funnel
It’s the technique of offering a low-cost item to the visitor. Once they purchase the low-cost item, they are then offered another item. This Upsell offer can be the same price or at a higher price.

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Sell Physical Products with Upsell Offer

Once a person buys your product, you can offer them an upsell to purchase more of the product at a discount. For instance: when they buy one of the products at $15, your upsell offer can be, get 3 for only $25. This saves the customer $10.

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What We Can Do For You

Sales Funnel Design

We are able to design and build you a custom Sales Funnel that looks great, but more importantly, it converts more of your leads into paying customers.

Dedicated Marketing Team

Our marketing team will show you how to maximize your advertising and connect your sales funnel with your social media. This way you are getting the most leads and turning those leads into paying customers/clients.

Full WordPress Site Setup (No Worry Garauntee)

This includes integrating your Sales Funnel with the right third-party plugins. These plugins are what make your website product more sales and income. There is no need for you to worry about setting your website up. We handle all this for you.

Skyrocket Your Business

A properly set up Sales Funnel runs your business on autopilot. It takes orders, emails customers, processes payments, gets new leads, and more. This is all done 24 hours seven days a week, even while you sleep.

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